“FALL” is a collaboration with friend Peder Rottiger about the season of Autumn.
A community is represented by the culture of its people and geography. Wisconsin is no exception, the cool summer nights slowly transform into a crisp breeze of Fall and the Midwest begins a preparation for the rapidly approaching winter. The harvest season brings fresh produce, beautiful colors, and a refreshing scent in the air that connects the entire Great Lakes region. In September of 2010 we went out around the Madison area to ask people what the Fall represents to them and found that we are not the only ones in Wisconsin who love the season of Fall.
Shot on a Cannon t2i DSLR // Audio recorded with Zoom H4N

Special Thanks to:
All participants
The Froth House // http://www.frothhouse.com/
Eplegaarden // http://www.eplegaarden.com/
The Fruit Stand on State Street Mall
Music: “Black Sands” by Bonobo