The Royal Rascal

The Royal Rascal

The Royal Rascal projected on stage during the musical production of Singin’ in the Rain at the Ordway (Saint Paul, MN)

Grey Gardens the Musical

Grey Gardens the Musical



O’Rondeman is a Rock-Ranchero-Funk-Electro-Tango Band from the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They embrace a mix of historically relevant musical traditions with lyrics that instill …

Grupo Um, Dois, Tres!

Grupo Um, Dois, Tres!

Grupo Um, Dois, Tres! @ The Cardinal Bar

Los Canguritos del Uruguay

kanguritos del uruguay

Music Video for the Argentine tango band: Los Hermanos Butaca (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Seasons: The Russian Year


Projection Design for White Pine Festival (Stillwater, MN) A multimedia presentation with images and text from 19th century Russian painters and poets; conceived and directed …

“Grey Gardens the Musical” Projection Design

Grey Gardens the Musical - Projection Design

Letterpress Pressure Printing


Also known as Stratography.